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Professional Associations and Product Manufacturers

American Institute of Architects

A source for the most current news in Architrcture. 

Anchor retaining walls

A good source for ideas for retaining walls. Website contains a photo gallery so that you can get an idea for the different kinds of materials used for retaining walls, and to see what those materials will look like when used for a retaining wall. 

Backyard America (Carpentry Products)

The source to use when looking for ideas for your outdoor space. An especially good source for carpentry ideas, such as arbors and pergolas, decks and fences. Gather ideas here for materials that can be used for all of your outdoor carpentry needs. 

Better Business Bureau

We have been accredited by the Better Business Bureau since 1999. You can use this link to look up our accreditation and business rating. Also, please feel free to use this link to give a review of your experience with Solar Gardens. 

Country Casual (Furniture)

A great place to gather ideas for outdoor furniture. This website is your source for all forms of outdoor furniture, cushions, umbrellas, and other outdoor accessories. 

EP Henry (Paver and Wall Products)

A great website for information on all of your paver needs. The site has several photo galleries that will provide you with ideas for hardscape options, and galleries for the different types of pavers that are available to you. A great place to start when gathering information and ideas. 

ICPI (Paver Institute)

Solar Gardens is a certified member of ICPI. This is a good resource for information the different paver distributors and options. This source allows you to gather information on all of the benifits and information of each paver system to help you to make the best informed decision for your property. 

Irwin Stone

A local stone source. This site allows you to view many natural stone options. They have several photos that will allow you to see the different applications for types of stone, how the stone will look in each application, and it will provide you with ideas to create your prefect outdoor space. 

National Arboretum (Plant Materials)

The arboretum is a great source for different types of plant material. They have many photos showing plant material options, including views from different seasons.

NCMA (Masonry Institute)

We are members of the National Concrete Masonry Association. This is a good source for information about different stone materials and hardscape applications. This is a great source when gathering information and ideas for the perfect hardscape addition to your outdoor space. 

NDS (Drainage Products)

This is great source for information on the materials that are used for drainage solutions and some irrigation systems. It is a good source not just on the different materials that we use, but the site can also give you some insight into the water issues that you are experiencing and idea of potential solutions. 

Perennial Farm (Plant Materials)

A good source with lots of photos when researching different types of perennials and grasses for gardening. The photos are often accompanied by short descriptions of the plant material, to allow you to gain a better understanding as to how the plant material will look throughout the seasons.

Vista Lighting

A great source for information about the different outdoor lighting options that are available. This is a great source to explore outdoor lighting options and how they might look once installed. 

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